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The aim & objective of Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode is to create a level of consumer trust and confidence in online shopping similar to that in the physical shopping environment. It is designed to improve both cardholder and merchant confidence in Internet purchases as well as reduce disputes and fraudulent activity related to the use of Visa & MasterCard payment cards.

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Verified by Visa
MasterCard SecureCode


TMI Functional Heads

Name Designation  Contact Numbers (STD Code 02114)
Dr.Brijendra Kumar Saxena
Capt.Raj Krishna Razdan
Provost; Chairperson, Placement Committee and Student Affairs
Management Representative
Dr.Sanjeet Kanungo
Programme Chair - Marine Engineering
Capt.Krishnamurthy N Iyer
Programme Chair - Nautical Technology
Capt.Manoj Kumar Hirkane
Programme Chair - Modular & Competency Enhancement Courses
Cdr.Sukanta BinayKumar Dasgupta (Retd)
Programme Chair - Practical Skills
Dr.Durga Das Mundhra
Examination Controller
Mr. Shishir Kumar Srivastava
Area Chair - Marine 
Capt.Govindarajan K.
Area Chair - Nautical 
Col.G P Krishnamurthy (Retd.)
Area Chair - Mechanical
Ms. Sujata Male
Area Chair - Electrical / Electronics
Dr. Bani Upmanyu
Area Chair - Applied & Social Science
Mr.Praveenkumar Vaidya
Mr.Mahendra Singh Masani
Sr. Assistant Professor -Workshop Training


 Departmentwise Faculty Members

Applied & Social Science
Name Designation Qualification
Capt.Raj Krishna Razdan Provost MMS, Master FG
Dr.Bani Upmanyu Sr. Associate Professor M.Sc(Maths); M.Phil.;Ph.D
Dr. Ms.Anjali Venkatesh Deshpande Associate Professor M.Sc.(Mathematics), M.Com.(Comm. Stats.), DIT from C-DAC, Ph.D.
Ms.Vandana M Shinde Associate Professor M.A. - English., P.G.C.T.E.,P.G.D.T.E., M.Phil. (Linguistics & Phonetics), MBA-HR
Mr.Sachin Machindra Vyavahare Sr. Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Philosophy (Mathematics)
Mr.Wallace Jacob Sr. Assistant Professor B.Sc., MBA (Major Marketing Minor Personnel), M. Phil. (Management), Accredited Management Teacher by AIMA
Ms.Unnati Nitin Chaudhari Sr. Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Computer Science), M.Tech. (Computer Science)
Dr. Vinod Kumar Mangwani Sr. Assistant Professor M.Phil(English), B.Ed., M.A.(English), B.Com., Ph.D.
Ms.Puja Prasanna Awachat Sr. Assistant Professor M.A.(English)., M.Ed, PGD in Education Administration
Ms. Gauri Milind Kulkarni Sr. Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Statistics), Six Sigma course from Indian Statistical Institute
Ms.Nilima C Joshi Sr. Assistant Professor M.Sc (Maths)., B.Ed
Mr.Ganesh Balbhim Ingle Sr. Assistant Professor B.E.(Information Technology), M.E. (Computer Sc. and Engg.)
Mr.Mukesh Jagannath Umbarkar Lecturer B.Sc (Chem);  M.A.(Histroy),Certificate in Library Science., PGD in Higher Education, M.Sc. (Chem.)
Electrical & Electronics
Mr.Sanjay Balbhimrao Dabadgaonkar Sr. Associate Professor M.E.(Power Electronics)
Dr.Dhiren Pranshankar Dave Sr. Associate Professor BE (Electronics & Power), ME (Electronics), Ph.D.
Mr.Laxman Soma Tikore Sr.Associate Professor M.E(Power System), ADCCSSAA
Mr.Gyandeo Bhagwatrao Jadhav Associate Professor B.E (Electrical/Electronic) M.E. Electrical Power System
Ms.Sujata Ajit Male Sr. Assistant Professor / Area Chair B.E (Instrumentation Engineering)., M.E.
Mr.Kailas Anant Mehendale Sr. Assistant Professor B. E. (Electronics), M.S. (Software Systems)
Mr.Gajjan Singh Sr. Assistant Professor Diploma in Electrical Engg., Equivalent Degree in Electrical Engg-Indian Navy
Mr.Ajit G Shedge Assistant Professor Degree in Electrical Engg - Indian Navy, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Hardware Engg
Cdr. Lakhbir Singh (Retd.) Assistant Professor Diploma in Electrical Engg., Equivalent Degree in Electrical Engg-Indian Navy
Cdr.S.P.Singh (Retd.) Faculty-Electrical B.E. (Elec.), Dip. In Materials Management
Ms.Pratibha Vijay Ghatkamble Assistant Professor B-Tech (Electrical), M.Tech.
Mr.Irayya Dundayya Swami Assistant Professor D.E.E , AMIE, M.E. Electrical (Power Systems)
Mr. Nand Kumar Mehta Assistant Professor Degree in Electrical Engg - Indian Navy, MBA HR
Ms. Shweta Ashish Vaidya Assistant Professor B.E.(Elec.), M.E.(Power System) appeared
Mr. Lloyd Samuel V. Assistant Professor B.E. (Electrical and Electronics), ETO CoC by DG Shipping
Mr. Mohammad Abrar Zaheer Lecturer B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication), M.E.(Signal Processing)
Mr.Vaibhav Vasant Karlekar Lecturer Diploma in Industrial Electronics, Diploma in Instrumentation and Control, B.E. (E&TC)
Mr.Moreshwar Lakshman Narkhede Lecturer D.I.E., B.Tech. (Electronics), M.Tech.
Mr. Subhash Chandra Ghosh Faculty-Electrical D.E.E., AMIE Sec. A
Mr. Keshav Gangadhar Take Sr. Instructor B.E.(Elec.), Certified PLC Programmer
Mr.Praveenkumar Vaidya Librarian M.L.I.Sc.
Mr.Pandurang Baburao Shendage Asst. Librarian M.L.I.Sc., M.A. ( English ), M.Phil.( Lib.& Inf. Sc.)
Mr.Atul Mahadev Puntambekar Library Asst. M.LIB & Information Science ., Govt.Diploma in Co-operation & Accountancy., M.Com.
Mr. Kiran C. Mane Library Asst. M.Lib.I.Sc.
Mr.Prabhakar V Jagtap Library Asst. M.Lib.I.Sc., B.Sc. (Chemistry)
Dr.Brijendra Kumar Saxena Sr. Professor/Principal M.Sc. (Shipping Management - Sweden); M.S. (Quality Management - BITS); MEO Class I (Motor); MICS; Diploma in Financial Management; Diploma in Insurance Law, Ph. D.
Dr.Sanjeet Kanungo Sr. Associate Professor / Programme Chair B.E.(Mech), Class I Motor.,Ph.D.
Cdr.Sukanta BinayKumar Dasgupta (Retd) Sr. Associate Professor / Programme Chair - Practical Skills BE (Mech).,Post Graduate in Marine Engg Course, M.Tech (NT)
Mr.Shishir Kumar Srivastava Sr. Associate Professor / Area Chair B.E (Mech)., M.E.O Class I (Motor), PGD in Shipping Mgmt., Associateship Diploma in Marine Insurance, MICS
Capt.S.G.Deshpande Consultant Extra Master 
Mr.Arun Onkar Mahajan Sr. Associate Professor BE (Mech);  Graduation  Certificate in Marine Engineering., MEO Class I (Motor).,ME (Thermal Power Engineering),
Mr. Naresh Kumar Mishra Sr. Associate Professor B.E. Marine Engg.(DMET), MEO Class I(Motor), M.S. Quality Mgmt. (BITS, Pilani)
Mr.Shailendra Kumar Sr. Associate Professor B.E.Mechanical.,M.O.T (Class I), M.S. Quality Mgmt.
Mr. Upinderjeet Singh Sr. Associate Professor B.Tech. (Mech.), MEO Class I Motor, M.Tech. (Manufacturing Management)
Mr.Prem Kumar Ramrakhiani Associate Professor B.Sc.(Maths) Hons., M.E.O. Class I (Motor)
Mr. Sankar K. Subramanian Associate Professor B.E. Marine Engg. (MERI Kolkata), COC Class I, M.S.(Consultancy Mgmt.)
Mr. Shishir Dutt Associate Professor MEO Class I (Motor), B.E.Marine Engg. From DMET
Mr. Sunil Kumar Panda Associate Professor B.E. Marine Engg. (MERI Kolkata), COC Class I, B.Sc. Physics, M.S.(Mfg. Mgmt.), M.E.(Mech.)
Mr.Ajit Singh Aidhen Associate Professor M.E. (Mech - Heat Power), B.E.Mechanical., LLB, Class 5 COC (Singapore), PGD in Shipping Mgmt.
Cdr.Bhaskar Walimbe (Retd.) Sr. Assistant Professor B.E.(Civil), PG (Naval Construction)-IIT Delhi
Mr. Anirudh Kumar Sr. Assistant Professor B.E.(Marine Engg.)-DMET, Kolkata, MEO Class I (Motor), M.S. (Consultancy Mgmt.)
Mr. Sudhir C. Sindagi Sr. Assistant Professor B.E. (Mech), M.Tech.(Ocean Engineering &Naval Arch.) IIT Kharagpur
Mr. Jitendra Singh Pal Assistant Professor M.E.(Prod. Tech. & Mgmt.), B.E. Industril Engg., DME (IN), MBS (Production and Materials Management), M.E.(Mech. - Heat Power)
Mr.Prabhakar B Shidhaye Faculty-Marine B.E. (Mech)., DMET., M.E.O. Class I (Motor)
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Faculty-Marine B.E.(DMET 1967), MOT Class I, M.Sc. Maritime Edu. & Trg. From WMO, Ph.D. WMO
Mr.Satyavan K Ghorpade Lecturer B.E Degree Equivalent., Diploma in Mechanical Engg., Advance Leadership & Management Course -(Indian Navy)
Mr.Bhagwan Singh Lecturer Graduation (Indian Navy), DME
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Ganotra Lecturer DME, Graduation-Indian Navy, Post Graduate Diploma in Fire Protection Engineering, PGDPM
Mr. Anand Yadgiri Lecturer B.E. (Mech.), MEO Class II
Mr. Sangram Keshari Puhan Lecturer B.Tech (Mechanical), Dip. in Mech. Engg, Chief Engine Room Artificer Course, PGDM (Operations Specialization)
Mr. Piyush P Waghmare Lecturer B.E. (Mech.), PGD Marine Engg. (MERI)
Mr. Ramesh Chandra Pandey Sr. Instructor Graduation (Equivalent Degree - Indian Navy), PGDM in PM& HRD
Mr. Rajkumar Sr. Instructor SS DME, MEO Class IV (Motor - FG), B.Tech. (Mech. Engg), M.Tech. (Manufacturing Management)
Dr.Durga Das Mundhra Examination Controller ME Mech(Air Armt), MSc Def Studies, BSc (Engg-Mech),  PGDHRM, Ph.D.
Col. G P Krishnamurthy Faculty-Mechanical / Area Chair M.E.(Refrigeration & A/C), B.E.(Mech.)
Mr.Anand Laxman Tappu Sr. Associate Professor M.E.(Mechanical Design) 
Mr.Narasimha Kattacharya Joshi  Sr. Associate Professor M.E.(Design Engg), BE (Mech)
Dr.Nitin Digambar Junnarkar Sr. Associate Professor M.S.,B.E. (Mech).,A M I E. DME., Ph.D
Mr.Harish Krishna Deshpande Associate Professor M.E.(MET), BE (MET-Sandwich)  
Mr. Anand Indukumar Pandya Associate Professor B.E. (Mech.), M.Tech. (Machine Dynamics and Tribology)
Mr. Gopal Madhukar Mohadikar Sr. Assistant Professor M.Tech.(Ind. Engg.), B.E.(Mech.)
Mr.C.V.S.R.Subrahmanyam Sr. Assistant Professor M.E (Mech)
Mr.Md.Ayaz Jamil Khan Sr. Assistant Professor M Tech ( Machine Design)
Mr.Shrikant S Madiwale Sr. Assistant Professor Diploma in Mech Engg.,  B.E (Mech).,M.E (Heat Power)
Mr.Amol Shamrao Shinde Assistant Professor B.E. Mech.
Mr.Prasad Ramesh Deshpande Assistant Professor D.P.T, AUTO CAD, MCP, B-Tech (Mech), M.E.
Mr.Somanath Mohan Nirali Assistant Professor B.E (Mech).,M.E (Thermal)
Mr. Pavan Shankarrao Jadhao Assistant Professor B.E.(Mech.), M.E.(Heat Power)
Mr. Prakash Narayan Pednekar Assistant Professor B.E.(Mech.), M.E.(Design Engineering)
Ms.Supriya S Bhagat Lecturer B.E.(Production Engg.), M.Tech. (Manufacturing Management)
Mr.Amol Ratnakar Tatke Lecturer B.A.., D.M.E., D.B.M., M.B.A., B.S.(Engineering Technology)
Mr.Ankush Lahu  Pawar Lecturer DME, Auto CAD., B-Tech Mechanical, M.E., Dip. in Mass Comm. and Journalism
Mr.Nitin Jotiram Patil Sr. Instructor  D.E.E., D.M.E., B.S. (Engineering Technology)
Capt.Krishnamurthy N Iyer Professor/Programme Chair Extra Master / FNMIS
Capt.ManojKumar  Hirkane Sr. Associate Professor B.E.(Mech); Master FG., M.S (Quality Management), Extra Master
Cdr. Niranjan Pal (Retd.) Sr. Associate Professor M.Sc. (Phy.), M.Sc. (Nautical Sc.), One year Specialist Navigation & Direction Course
Capt.Govindarajan Krishnaswamy Sr. Associate Professor / Area Chair Master FG
Capt.Indranath N Banerji Sr. Associate Professor Master FG
Cmde.Hari Anant Gokhale(Retd.) Sr. Associate Professor M.Sc., M.B.A
Capt. R. K. Shrivastava Associate Professor Master FG
Mr.Deepchand Totaram Dhankher Assistant Professor BA (Indian Navy); PGD in Fire and Safety, PGD in Instructional Technology
Capt. Abhijeet A Avate Faculty-Nautical Master FG, B.Sc. Nautical Science (Mum. Univ.)
Capt.Deepak Tilakraj Sabharwal Faculty-Nautical Master FG
Capt.Vishwanath B Sathaye Faculty-Nautical Master FG
Capt. Sarfaraz J. Lakdawala Faculty-Nautical Master FG
Capt. Vijay Madhav Damley Faculty-Nautical Master FG
Capt. Vivek Trivedi Faculty-Nautical Master FG, B.Tech. HND in Nautical Science, M.S. Behavior & Couseling
Mr. Anilrao Ramrao Shelke Sr. Instructor Graduate - Indian Navy, PGD in Fire & Safety
Mr.Balasaheb Banshi Bhadre Sr. Instructor Equivalent Graduate (Indian Navy)
Mr.Gopinath Narayansing Dongre Sr. Instructor Equi.Graduate (Indian Navy)
Mr.Shivaji Krishna Walunj Sr. Instructor Graduation (Equivalent Degree - Indian Navy)
Mr.Yeshpal Singh Maharia Sr. Instructor Equivalent Graduation., B.A
Mr. Sharada Prasad Sr. Instructor Graduate - Indian Navy
Mr. Bapu Gulab Dalavi Instructor  Graduation-Indian Navy
Mr. Dnyaneshwar Namdeo Godse Instructor Bosun
Workshop Training
Mr.Mahendra Singh Masani Sr. Assistant Professor BE (Indian Navy); Diploma in Total Quality Management, PGDBA
Mr.Ghanshyam N Shukla Sr. Instructor I.T.I., N.C.T.V.T 
Mr.Anup Kumar Panda Lecturer I.T.I. DME, B.Tech. (Mech. Engg), M.Tech. (Manufacturing Management)
Mr.Fredrick Smith Sr. Instructor I.T.I - Welding
Mr.Lazarus Alex Pereira Sr. Instructor I.T.I.- Welding., N.C.T.V.T. 
Mr.Sanjay Sadashiv Shinde Sr. Instructor I.T.I (Welder Trade), N.C.T.V.T., ISNT, 5G Welding
Mr. Bajirao Dnyaneshwar Pawar Sr. Instructor I.T.I.(Fitter), N.C.T.V.T.
Mr.Sandeep Maruti Danave Sr. Instructor  B.A., I.T.I,  N.C.T.V.T., A.T.I, D.M.E.
Mr. Deepak P Sutar Sr. Instructor I.T.I. (Welding), NCTVT
Mr. Santosh K Gurusthale Sr. Instructor  ITI Fitter, NCVT
Mr. Avinash B Gorde Instructor  I.T.I., N.C.T.V.T., 6G Welding Course
Mr.Mahesh Vishnupant Shinde Instructor I.T.I., N.C.T.V.T.,  A.T.I
Mr.Prashant Vijay Pendbhaje Instructor I.T.I., N.C.T.V.T. 
Mr.Shankar Bhimrao Kadam Instructor I.T.I., N.C.T.V.T. CNC 
Mr.Umesh Uttamrao Deulkar Instructor I.T.I., N.C.T.V.T., A.V.T.S (CNC)
Mr. Vinod Sopan Pawar Instructor ITI Welder, NCTVT, IBR Welder
Mr. Ansiram Tukaram Kharate Assistant(Workshop) XII
Mr. Vijay Dattatray Garud Assistant Instructor I.T.I. Machinist
Mr. Yogesh D. Waje Assistant Instructor I.T.I.