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The Gymkhana is another active section of the College. The Gymkhana Committee organises an orientation lecture for freshers to provide them with information on sports facilities in the College. Experts from various sports bodies visit the College regularly to provide information and answer queries of the students.

Indoor Sports facilitated at the College include Air-rifle & Pistol shooting, Boxing, Carrom, Chess, Judo and Table Tennis. Of these, the most popular are Boxing, Judo and Shooting. Recognising this, the College has affiliated itself with the statutory bodies like Maharashtra Amateur Boxing Association (MABA), Bombay Judo Association (BJA) and Maharashtra State Rifle Association (MSRA). The affiliation enables the students to avail of professional coaching on campus. Outdoor Sports facilitated by the College include Badminton, Football, Throwball, Track & Field Events and Volleyball.

Consistent with the objective of promoting a sports culture among the students, the college has constituted a Gymkhana Committee and appointed a dedicated Physical Training Instructor. The Instructor and the Committee identify talented students and facilitate training programmes for them. This has enabled the students to participate at the College, University, District, State and National level meets and earn many laurels.

Our College started Archery Training in the campus. A professional coach has been hired to train students seeking to learn Archery.
A tie-up has been initiated with Dominic Savio School for providing facilities for outdoor sports like Football and Basketball. 
MHADA ground near Meghwadi police station has been made available to students of the College for practicing Throwball and Volleyball.  
The Gymkhana is all geared up to commence  Body building, Powerlifting and Weightlifting in the near future.
Mr. V. Ramakrishnan - Convenor
Dr. Nisar Husain - Secretary
Dr. Sachin Pendse
Ms. Mehrunissa Ansari
Ms. Arjuni Trivedi
Ms. Madhavi ApteMs. Femina Amin
Ms. Rashmi Agashe
Mr. Jagadeesha Achar

Gymkhana Sports Calendar Academic Year 2016-17


Sports Achievements/Events for A.Y. 2016-17


June 2016


21st June


Tolani College Gymkhana celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2016. Sports director Dr. Nisar Hussain guided yoga sessions for Degree College and Junior college. Asanas like Tadasana, Konasana, Vrukshasana, Parvatasana, Paschimottasana,Yogmudrasana, Shavasana were taught with their benefits to the students. 



Sports Achievements for A.Y. 2015-16



June 2015


21st June


Tolani College of Commerce Gymkhana Department observed Yoga Day on 21st June,2015 (Sunday) on  ground floor foyer. Around 18 people participated  including sports students, teaching and non-teaching staff.  Sports Director  Prof. Nisar Hussain took yoga  session where various asanas were taught  –tadaasana, shalbhaasana, konaasana,  yogamudraasana,  pashchimottanasana, tratak kriya, bhujangasana, sarvangaasana and shavasana


July 2015



August 2015


15th to 18th August

  • Prasad Sawant Of M.Com. II Secured 1st Place 
  • Preeti Anali Of S.Y.J.C. E Secured 2nd Place
  • Zeba Kazi Of F.Y.B.M.S. Secured 3rd Place

In Maharashtra Air Weapon Shooting Championshiop (State Level) Held At Maharashtra Rifle Association Shooting Range, Worli From 15th August, 2015  To  18th August, 2015.Following Students Who Participated Got Qualified For Nationals

  • Zeba Kazi Of F.Y.B.M.S
  • Aditi Pandey Of T.Y.B.Com
  • Preeti Anali Of S.Y.J.C./E
  • Bhavesh Palekar Of S.Y.J.C./E
  • Mansi Suralkar Of S.Y.J.C./B

25th to 27th August


Tolani College Gymkhana Department celebrated Sports Week from 24th to 27th Aug, 2015 on account of National Sports Day Which Was On 29th August, 2015.
On 25th Aug, 2015 ------- Quiz Competition 
On 26th Aug, 2015 ------- Badge and Poster Making Competition 
On 27th Aug, 2015 ------- Guest Lectures On Sports Psychology by our Principal Dr. A.A Rashid ,Sports Diet and Nutrition by Dr. Bharti Shah (Dietetics and Nutritionist)  and Personal Experience and Motivation By Prof.CA Sheel Bhanushali
There Were Approximately 100 Students In The Audience.

September 2015


2nd to 7th September
Senior College Football Team Won University Of Mumbai Inter Collegiate Football Match Held At Thakur College , Kandivali
  • First Round By 2-1 Goals Against Kes College On 2nd Sept, 2015
  • Second Round By 1-0 Goals Against Vartak College On 3rd Sept, 2015
  • Third Round By 7-6 Goals Against Sathaye College On 4th Sept, 2015
  • Fourth Round Against R.D National College By 2:0 Goals And Qualified For League Matches After 10 Long Years.(Goals Scored by Pranam Shetty & Akshay Chavan)
  • Fifth Round Against Gurunanak College By 3:2 Goals Held On 7th Sept, 2015 At Sports Pavilion, Marine Lines.
10th September
Jiveetesh  Jadhav  Of S.Y.J.C/ E For Securing 4th Place In District Level Tennis Competition Held At Mahatre Club, Juhu On  10th Sept, 2015 & Qualified For  Divisional  Level.

26th September

Sr. College Football Team Won The Second Round Of Football League Matches Of University Of Mumbai Inter-Collegiate Competition Held At Sports Pavilion, Marinelines On 26th Sept, 2015 By 2:1 Goals Against Sydenham College.


23rd to 30th September
Junior & Degree College Shooters Won  Medals At Open States Shooting Championship Held At Prabodhankar Thakre Krida Sankul, Vile Parle, From 23rd Sept – 30th Sept, 2015.
Following Were The Medalists.
  • Bhavesh Palekar Of S.Y.J.C./E---Gold Medal      (Nr Rifle Junior Men)
  • Zeba Kazi Of FY.B.M.S.---Gold Medal       (Nr Rifle Youth Women)
  • Shashank Adka Of FY.B.M.S.---Gold Medal      (Novoice Rifle Junior Men)
  • Bhavesh Palekar Of S.Y.J.C./E---Silver Medal    ( Nrrifle Junior Men)
  • Shashank Adka Of F.Y.B.M.S.---Silver Medal    (Novoice Rifle Senior Men)
  • Preeti Anali Of S.Y.J.C.---Silver Medal    ( Nr Rifle Junior Women)
  • Preeti Anali Of S.Y.J.C.---Silver Medal    (Nr Rifle Senior Women)
  • Heena Naikwadi Of T.Y.B.Com---Silver Medal   ( Nr Pistol Junior Women)
  • Deepshikha Singh Of M.Com. II---Silver Medal   ( Issf Rifle Senior Women)
  • Aditi Pandey Of T.Y.B.Com---Silver Medal    (Nr Rifle Junior Women)
  • Atul Tiwari Of F.Y.B.M.S.---Bronze Medal  (Novoice Rifle Junior Men)
  • Atul Tiwari Of F.Y.B.M.S.---Bronze Medal  (Novoice Rifle Senior Men)
  • Trupti Shetty Of S.Y.B.Com.---Bronze Medal   (Issf Rifle Junior Women)
  • Ankit Jain Of S.Y.B.M.S.---Bronze Medal   ( Issf Pistol Junior Men)

October 2015


1st October


Jr. College Tennis Player Jiveetesh Jadhav Of SYJC/ E Won Bronze Medal In Divisional Level Tennis Competition Held At Mahatre Club, Juhu On 1st Oct, 2015 And Also Qualified For State Level Going To Be Held In Aurangabad.


11th October
Junior College Boys Cross Country Team Won Championship In Inter Collegiate Cross Country Race Held On 11th Oct, 2015 At Parel.
Following were the students:
•       YASH ROY of SYJC
•       ANKIT JAIN  of SYJC
28th October to 31st October
Junior College Shooters won Divisional Level Shooting Competition held at Veer Savarkar Shooting Range , Dadar On 28th -31th Oct 2015
Mansi Suralkar Silver S.Y.J.C.- B (Rifle)
Preeti Anali Bronze S.Y.J.C.-E  (Rifle)
Sumeet Vishwakarma Bronze S.Y.J.C.-C (Pistol)
They have been selected for State Level , going to be held at Amravati from 21st -25th Nov, 2015
26th October to 27th October
Tolani College of  Commerce Gymkhana Department conducted  District Level Shooting Competition on 26th Oct and 27th Oct, 2015. The competition commenced with the inauguration ceremony by our Principal Dr. A. A  Rashid and Sports Officer (D.S.O)      Mr. Balaji. Approximation 72 students participated from Mumbai Suburbs. There Were Eighteen Events Prize Distribution was held on 27th Oct, 2015 . Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Mahadik, District Sports Officer, Mumbai Suburban .
Junior College Shooter won medals at District Level Shooting Competition held at Tolani College Of Commerce on 26th and 27th Oct, 2015.
The Medalists
1.    Bhavesh Palekar Of S.Y.J.C/ E Won Gold Medal  In Rifle Event
2.    Sumit Vishwakarma Of S.Y.J.C/ C Won Gold Medal In Pistol Event
3.    Preeti Anali Of S.Y.J.C/ E Won Gold Medal In Rifle Event
4.    Mansi Suralkar Of S.Y.J.C./ D Won Silver Medal In Rifle Event
5.    Balram Yadav Of F.Y.J.C/C Won Silver Medal In In Rifle Event
6.    Rachita Triphati Of F.Y.J.C/E  Won Bronze Medal In Rifle Event
13th October to 15th October
Junior College Boxers won District Level Boxing Competition held in S.A.I (Kandivali) on 13th-15th Oct 2015
Yamuna Rana Silver SYJC- A
Tahesin Shaikh Bronze SYJC-D
Rishikesh Mishra Bronze FYJC-E
Prince Manjali Bronze FYJC-E
Aayushi Parmar Bronze SYJC-D
Vijayalakshmi Mishra Bronze SYJC -D

November 2015


1st tNovember to 5th November

Senior College Boxers won medals at Mumbai University Inter-Collegiate Boxing Competition held at Sai , Kandivili from 1st – 5th Nov, 2015
1.Vianna Kardin Of S.Y. B. Com Won Gold
2.Namrata Gupta Of S.Y. B.Scit Won Silver
3.Bharat Chaudhary Of F.Y.B.Com Won Silver
Vianna Kardin got selected for All India Inter University Boxing Competition
6th November to 8th November
Senior College Athletic Team  won  Gold Medal at Mumbai University Inter-Collegiate Athletics Competition in 4*400 meters relay race held at Marine Lines , from 6th  – 8th  Nov, 2015
The Relay Team Members
1. Anthony Coutinho Of M.Com I
2. Akshay Chavan Of T.Y. B. Com
3. Rohit Karekar Of T.Y. B.Com
4. Amish Khamakar Of S.Y.B.Com
19th November to 23rd November
Tribuvan Bangera of F.Y. BMS won Bronze Medal In Under-18 (Caded)  -73 Kg weight category of Judo  National Caded and Junior Championship held at Vadodara, Gujarat from  19th To 23rd November. Following were the participants:
  • Meghana Padave of S.Y. BCom
  • Tribuvan Bangera of  F.Y. BMS

December 2015


2nd & 3rd December

Junior College Judokas won at district Level Judo Competition held at Gundavli School , Andheri on 2nd And 3rd  Dec, 2015.
Following Were The Medalists
1.    Mamta Rajvanshi Of F.Y.J.C/ E won silver Medal 
2.    Naina Yadav Of S.Y.J.C/ C won Bronze Medal 
3.    Ravi Ravariya Of S.Y.J.C/ E won bronze Medal 
4.    Chetan Patel Of S.Y.J.C./E won bronze  Medal


6th & 7th December 


Senior College Judokas won at  University Of Mumbai Inter-Collegiate Judo Competition  held at  Podar College, Matunga, on 6th and 7th Dec, 2015.
 Following Were The Medalists
1.     Tribuvan Bangera of F.Y. BMS won Gold Medal
2.     Meghana Padave of S.Y.B.Com won Bronze Medal
3.     Kiran Yadav of F.Y.B.Com won Bronze Medal
4.     Sneal Patil Of F.Y.BAF won Bronze  Medal

Judokas Men Won Team Championship Third Prize. Tribuvan Bangera and Meghana Padave got selected for All India Inter University Judo Competition to be held at Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, from 24th To 28th Dec,2015.


17th December to 19th December


Junior College Boxers won medals at Inter- Collegiate Boxing Competition held at Prakash College, Kandivli from  17th December – 19th December, 2015.
Following Were The Medal Winners:
Rishikesh Mishra F.Y.J.C./E Silver
Ankit Jain S.Y.J.C./E Silver
Vijaylakshmi Mishra S.Y.J.C./D Silver
Pooja Jain F.Y.J.C./E Bronze
Shubham Vishwakarma S.Y.J.C./D Bronze
29th December 2015
Senior College Shooters Won University Of Mumbai  Inter -Collegiate  Shooting Competition Held At  Ruparel College, Matunga  From 24th Dec To 29th Dec, 2015.
Tolani College Won Five Championships
First Place Team Championship In Peep Sight Air Rifle Men:
Prasad Sawant               M Com Ii
Jay Prajapati                    Mcom I
Shivam Neotia                 S.Y Baf
Aakash Shinde                 Mcom I
First Place Team Championship In Peep Sight Air Rifle Women:
Deepshikha Singh           M Com Ii
Trupti Shetty                   S.Y B. Com
Kiran Challamarad     M Com Ii
Shalakha Deshmukh     M Com Ii

First Place Team Championship In Air Pistol Women:
Riddhi Giri                         S.Y B.Com
Siddhi Giri                          S.Y B.Com
Ramiza Shaikh                 T .Y B.Com
Heena Naikwadi             T .Y B.Com
Second Place  Team Championship In Open Sight Air Rifle Women:
Yakshita Poojary               S.Y B.Com
Megha Hedge                         T Y B.Com
Heena Naikwadi                   T Y B.Com
Riddhi Giri                               S.Y B.Com
Third  Place  Team Championship In Air Pistol  Men:
Ankit Jain                                S.Y B.Com
Prasad Sawant                     M. Com Ii
Jay Prajapati                         M.Com I
Mohit Dasarda                   S.Y B.Com

Following Shooters Won Individual Medals:
Prasad Sawant          M Com Ii    Gold
Deepshikha Singh     M Com Ii   Gold
Riddhi Giri                      S.Y B.Com   Silver
Ankit Jain                      S.Y B.M.S    Silver
Yakshita Poojary      S.Y B.Com   Bronze

Prasad Sawant, Deepshikha Singh, Riddhi Giri  Ankit Jain Got Selected For All India  Inter University Shooting Competition Going To Be Held At Varanasi From 9th January, 2016.
18th to 22nd February 2016
Tolani College Judokas won Bronze Medal at  4th National Blind And Deaf Judo Championship organised by Blind and Para Judo Association held at K.D Singh Babu Stadium, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Following Were The Medalists :
Pradeep Gupta      F.Y.B.Com   Bronze
Alkarim Damani   F.Y.B.Com   Bronze
Nitin Khedekar     F.Y.B.Com   Participation
(left)Alkarim Damani (circled) and (right) Pradeep Gupta (circled) won Bronze Medal at 4th National Blind And Deaf Judo Championship.
Shooters with Principal Dr. A.A  Rashid and Sports Director Prof. Nisar Hussain
Tolani College Shooters With Mumbai University Sports Director Dr. U.N Kendre, Shooting Official Vijay Worlikar, Tolani College Sports Director Prof. Nisar Hussain , Coaches Rajkumar Gupta And Hitesh Vairale And All Senior College Shooters