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Mr. P. S. (Kaka) Tolani


                           The Tolani family is steeped in a tradition of promoting and supporting education.

During the partition of India, the family lost most of its assets. Soon after the family rehabilitated itself, the patriarch of the family, Mr. Pribhdas (Kaka) Tolani committed himself to the upliftment of a backward township in the Kutch district of Gujarat in Western India. Kaka believed that the progress of India can come only through education. A number of Colleges have been established over a period of time, which today provide a broad range of educational courses and social services.


Dr. N. P. Tolani

                           Kaka Tolani's zeal for promoting education has been inherited by his progeny.  His son, Dr. Nandlal P. Tolani, Founder Chairman of Tolani Group of Companies, has continued this tradition. Dr. Tolani has an M.S. as well as a Ph.D. from Cornell University, USA.  He entered the business of engineering and real estate development, and later diversified into river transportation and ocean shipping business.

In the mid 1980, the Tolani Group was steered by the vision that a conservatively financed ship owner with a quality fleet and the expertise to maintain such quality would be positioned to reap rich rewards. All other business activities were shed in favour of ocean shipping. Today, the Group is one among the leaders in the Indian Shipping industry and enjoys an excellent reputation both in India and internationally.

The Tolani Group has always pursued the principle that business has no place in society unless it contributes to societal development.  The commitment of the Group to promoting education is borne of the absolute belief that India can realize its full potential only if the people are well educated and trained to face the challenges of competition and complexities of new technologies.  This commitment and dedication have resulted in the establishment of charitable entities, namely Nandlal Tolani Charitable Trust, Tolani Education Society and Tolani Education Foundation. These entities have supported and established Colleges in Maharashtra.

Tolani College of Commerce, founded by Dr. Nandlal Tolani is administered by Tolani Education Society with the infrastructure provided by Nandlal Tolani Charitable Trust.

Nandlal Tolani Charitable Trust

Nandlal Tolani Charitable Trust was established in the year 1969 with charitable objectives for promotion of education, medical relief, research facilities, development of sports and games and for such other objectives of general public nature as a non-profit making organisation. 

The Trust, in pursuance of its objectives, provided the infrastructure to set up Tolani College of Commerce, which is being administered and managed by Tolani Education Society. The Trust is also a co-sponsor of Tolani Maritime Institute , situated at Induri, near Pune.

Tolani Education Society

Tolani Education Society was founded in 1980 with the objectives of promoting education, establishing and running schools, Colleges, institutes and all branches of learning.

In pursuance of its objectives, the Society manages and runs the Tolani College of Commerce, affiliated to the University of Mumbai/Maharashtra State Higher Secondary Board.

Tolani Education Foundation

Tolani Education Foundation was incorporated in 1993 as a non-profit making organization under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956.  The main object of the Foundation is to establish and run educational institutions, schools, Colleges, universities, etc. 

Pursuant to its objects, in the year 1998, the Foundation has set up the Tolani Maritime Institute at a self-sufficient campus at Induri, near Pune.  The Maritime Institute conducts degree programs including B.S. (Marine Engineering.), B.S. (Nautical Technology) and various modular courses. It also conducts a structured shipboard training program in the distance-learning mode for the nautical cadets.